Product Shift


The Shift is a minimalist slim (extendable) table with a friendly natural design. Form and function go together in the Shift: superb techniques are the special aspects in the extrusion profiles developed specifically for this table. The Shift is designed based on the Duramas principle: the core of the table is made from a plate with a PEFC quality mark and a semi-massive wood layer is glued on top. The semi-massive wood layer gives the table all the advantages of massive wood and yet, scarce hardwood is sparingly used. The wooden table top rests on an aluminium frame. The cast legs taper off giving the table an elegant look. The aluminium elements are produced by a partner of Arco in the Netherlands. All the wooden elements are naturally made in the company’s own factory in Winterswijk. The table can be entirely dissembled so that the elements can be recycled or refurbished.