Local Wood Sustainability

Arco has been in Winterswijk since 1904. We are a family-owned business and have been doing what we're good at for over a century: making tables. Tables where people work, meet, eat and live. Tables where people discuss the world of tomorrow. Because we have a clear vision of the world of tomorrow. In a world where raw materials are becoming increasingly rare and more and more people are – justifiably – asking about the origin of products, we present to you the LOCAL WOOD collection. A collection of furniture made of wood growing right here in the area of the Winterswijk factory.

The fact that we will be making all our products in our own factory in the Netherlands in 2023 is unique. This is made possible by the expertise and skill of our employees from throughout the region. Our family business is loyal to the environment, which means that you shouldn't obtain materials from afar if these are available locally. That's why we only work with wood from the Netherlands and western Germany for our LOCAL WOOD collection. Our factory is located only 5 km from the border with Germany, which is known for its woodlands. It would be a shame not to make use of so much available quality offered by our eastern neighbours.

We like to keep our production chain as short as possible at Arco. That's why we look for our partners close to home; so that we don't generate unnecessary transportation kilometres and emissions and don't waste energy. Transportation causes a major part of the environmental impact you generate as a business. By working with local wood and regional partners, we directly decrease our impact. As a family business, we want to leave the world a better and more beautiful place for future generations. Because we want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy nature as well.

Local wood collection

We manufacture the furniture of the LOCAL WOOD collection from specially selected trees. These trees are not from large production forests but from forests where felling needs to take place for reasons of sustainable maintenance, such as to make room for new trees. We want to use the quality of the local wood and celebrate any 'imperfections'. That's why colour differences and the unique, naturally formed knots remain visible in the finished product. With a table from the LOCAL WOOD collection, you put a piece of nature in your house – literally.

PEFC certified

Wood is a completely CO2-neutral material. The wood used by Arco for its products is 75% FSC® or PEFC certified. The rest comes from Germany, a country known for its sustainable forest management. The products of Arco's Local Wood collection are made from 100% PEFC oak wood and therefore the furniture from the Local Wood collection, carried out in oak, are PEFC certified. This means that the only wood used for this collection comes from sustainably managed forests. In these forests trees are felled only for sustainable reasons, for example, to make room for new trees. It is not allowed to fell more wood than what can grow again. We love wood.

At Arco we believe that sustainable living goes hand in hand with aesthetics and enjoying life. And so we've come full circle: discussing the world of tomorrow at a table from the LOCAL WOOD collection. Sometimes it's just that simple.

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