A growing number of people are rightly asking for the origin of products and the composition of the materials of a product. As we wish to be as transparent as possible on these matters, all of our products are provided with a Product Eco Passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight. This overview can be found on every product page under the tab "Eco passport". Each product passport displays the Arco sustainability logos and certificates that apply to the specific product.

Product Eco Passport | Re-volve


Based on: Re-volve | 7 kg

We are committed to quality and craftsmanship. Our tables are therefore produced by the best craftsmen in our own factory in the Netherlands. Also, our small furniture and most of our chair collection is produced in the Netherlands. And we take pride in that.

For a small part of our chair collection, we avail ourselves of the knowledge of our neighbors just across the border. Germany is a country known for its high performance and quality.

Our tables are designed in a way that allows them to be refurbished, which creates a new lifecycle. We are able to restore and/or upgrade almost all our existing products. The functionality of the product remains the same, but after a refurbishment in our factory the product looks like new again.

Arco aims at reducing the consumption of raw materials during production.

Please contact your dealer in case repair of Arco your product is needed.

We develop our products in such a way that they can be easily disassembled at the end of their service life. This will ensure that the various materials are highly recyclable.

The packaging is made, whenever possible, as flat as possible so it takes up less volume, resulting in less transport on an annual basis.

These table tops have a core of less scarce wood species, with a solid wooden layer glued at the top and bottom. Through this method scarce solid wood is efficiently dealt with, without compromising on quality.

We use as much lightweight materials in the product as possible, avoiding unnecessary weight. This allows the most effective use of energy sources both in terms of transport and processing by people.

With the Local Wood collection, we maintain the production chain as short as possible. The collection is produced by local parties: from raw materials and processing (sawing and drying) to production. All the wood for this collection comes from the immediate vicinity of our plant in Winterswijk: the Netherlands and West Germany. This saves a lot of kilometres and thus a lot of energy.

Packaging & Logistics

Our packaging is produced by means of an “on-demand packaging machine”. The packaging is exactly tailored for each product, using a minimal amount of packaging material. Moreover, in this way the product is optimally packed and well protected during transport. The carriers that collaborate with Arco give, just as Arco, high priority to durability. They aim at reducing the CO2-emissions through, among others, the use of cleaner engines (EURO VI), the effort in reducing fuel consumption, optimizing the loading space and optimal planning.


All Arco furniture is made with exceptionally high-quality materials and produced with the greatest possible care. If, despite this, something goes wrong, we will of course be happy to resolve the problem professionally. Arco furniture is guaranteed for 5 years. 

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