Local Wood

Beautiful things don’t have to come from a long way away. The wood used to create our Local Wood collection is sourced from the area around our factory in Winterswijk. Apart from its beauty, we think it makes sense to use wood from our own region. After all, the knowledge and expertise of the people who make our furniture also comes from nearby. What’s more, the wood doesn’t have to travel long distances, which is better for the environment.


Local Wood is about honesty, integrity and transparency. Rather than concealing imperfections, we want to use the qualities of the wood. Nature is still visible in each piece, giving it its own character and identity.


Local Wood

We produce our Local Wood collection together with local companies and organisations. The locally sourced wood is prepared in a neighbouring sawmill and the furniture is made at the Arco factory in Winterswijk. Some of the wood comes from forests entrusted to the care of the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen Foundation, which manages 150 beautiful nature reserves, castles and rural estates in the province of Gelderland, so they can be enjoyed by everyone now and in the future.


Our Local Wood collection is made of wood and concrete: sustainable materials resilient enough to withstand the odd knock, creating furniture that can be handed down to and enjoyed by future generations. The masterpiece in the collection is Base, a table available in three different shapes: the oblong Base, the circular Base Round and now the Base Oval, which combines the practicality of Base with the conviviality of Base Round. There is also the Base Bench, a substantial bench designed to go with the Base tables. All can be customised with different stains and finishes.


local wood arco

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