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We collaborated with Occony to create the Kami collection. Watch our The Creators & Makers video with designer Joost van der Vecht to learn more about the Kami table and collection.

Videography by Maarten van der Wolf

Kami collection by Joost van der Vecht

Kami is a wooden modular table that is designed to be configured with ease and according to your wishes, with endless length options in different shapes. From a small intimate setting to a great eye-catcher in a meeting and boardroom environment. The wooden design table is available in a round or oval shape for both the top and the column(s). The modern table brings together sustainable design and organic shapes into a timeless design for the living and working environment.

The Kami collection continues to be expanded with new columns and various sizes. Adding different sizes of columns gives more freedom for positioning chairs since there's now more space between the columns. The latest addition with a new slim column is the Kami Round. This is 150 cm in diameter. 

The Kami is a design by Joost van der Vecht adn has been developed in collaboration with Occony