Product Move
Designer HofmanDujardin
Year 2022
Product Move
Designer HofmanDujardin
Year 2022


In collaboration with HofmanDujardin architects, we're proud to introduce our new Move table.

Innovation is a continuous process for many companies. Adaptability is required, for an environment in which small or large teams from multiple disciplines can work together. The Move table therefore combines the functionality these new forms of collaboration require with Arco's quality and sophistication.

Arco partnered with HofmanDujardin to create the new collaborative and flexible Move table. Individual tables can easily be joined to create ever-changing, intuitive, and playful working environments.

Move is available as both a low and high table. The legs and frame are made of solid wood with optional castors and hidden magnets that let you connect and create playful configurations. The triangular top is available in semi-solid wood, veneer or HPL for a beautiful and sturdy surface to work, play and create. As with every Arco table, it is produced in the Netherlands, uses certified wood (FSC/PEFC/STIP) and water-based lacquers.


Depending on the configuration of the Move table, multiple legs can converge in one place. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that every leg is 100% perpendicular. Small deviations are part of any handcrafted product. For this reason, each leg turns slightly inward. The flatness (or otherwise) of the floor may also play a role in perceived deviations.


Every person is different. Every space is different. That's why we adapt our tables to your needs. Pick from a variety of lengths, widths, heights and finishes.

Eco Passport

All our products are provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.


oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1101 oak white 1101 oak white
1100 oak natural 1100 oak natural
1000 oak pure 1000 oak pure
1201 oak smoke 1201 oak smoke
1202 oak morado 1202 oak morado
1300 oak black 1300 oak black
1301 oak carbon 1301 oak carbon
oak: colors (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1200 oak grey 1200 oak grey
1400 oak terra 1400 oak terra
1401 oak burgundy 1401 oak burgundy
1500 oak moss 1500 oak moss
1600 oak ocean 1600 oak ocean
1700 oak dijon 1700 oak dijon
oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid)
1101 oak white (oil) 1101 oak white (oil)
1100 oak natural (oil) 1100 oak natural (oil)
walnut (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1000 walnut pure 1000 walnut pure
epoxy lacquer: neutrals
5100 white (RAL9010) 5100 white (RAL9010)
5200 grey (FN.02.77) 5200 grey (FN.02.77)
5201 quartz grey (RAL7039) 5201 quartz grey (RAL7039)
5300 black grey (RAL7021) 5300 black grey (RAL7021)
5301 black (RAL9005) 5301 black (RAL9005)
5404 rust (custom Arco color) 5404 rust (custom Arco color)
epoxy lacquer: colors
5503 deep green (RAL6007) 5503 deep green (RAL6007)
5603 deep blue (RAL5004) 5603 deep blue (RAL5004)
5403 wine red (RAL3007) 5403 wine red (RAL3007)
5703 deep brown (RAL8022) 5703 deep brown (RAL8022)
5600 slate blue (RAL7042) 5600 slate blue (RAL7042)
5400 clay (C8.20.40) 5400 clay (C8.20.40)
5702 mustard (E4.30.40) 5702 mustard (E4.30.40)
5604 ultramarine (RAL5002) 5604 ultramarine (RAL5002)


Eco passport
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Arco_product_paspoort_Move_128x147x75.pdf 0 x 0 0,16 MB
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Arco-factsheets-Move-april_2024_voorstel stapelen.pdf 0 x 0 0,08 MB
Assembly instructions
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Move Montagehandleiding.pdf 0 x 0 0,10 MB
Move High Montagehandleiding.pdf 0 x 0 0,13 MB
Maintenance instructions
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
230228_Maintenance_Onderhoud_Pflege_drietalig.pdf 0 x 0 0,14 MB

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