The new craftsmanship - Tribeca

Under the heading, ‘The new craftsmanship – a shared perspective’, we go in search of a new craftsman with the same ambitions as Arco. A craftsman with real workmanship, one who works with the latest technologies, or a craftsman who devotes himself entirely to working with nature. And perhaps, one who combines all these factors.



In 2016 Jan and Claudia Sobecki opened restaurant Tribeca in a small town called Heeze, in the Dutch province of Brabant. Their dream has become reality, but they are looking forward to the future. Keep pushing the boundaries, daring and doing more each day. That’s what drives them.


Jan Sobecki’s cooking is characterized by simplicity, quality and passion. With French cuisine as his foundation, he complements each dish with layered nuance and flair with a wide range of international accents. Jan is continuously looking for the best ingredients, with an emphasis on craft. At Tribeca, you will see that less that is actually more..




Jan Sobecki: “I’m talking about fair flavors. Pure. We go back to the classic cooking, but firmly in the now. No camouflage. Impress with produce and techniques. A good piece of meat or fish and a beurre blanc. But that really has to be really good. Modern classic. Thats’what I love.”


The most special vegetables, plants and herbs are bred by chef Sobecki himself, in his Tribeca vegetable garden, near the restaurant. A rich area of Brabant clay full of home grown flavours. Jan is passionate about connecting with the produce source and enjoys working in the garden with his hands in the dirt. In the vegetable garden, they grow extraordinary heirloom and artisanal varieties of vegetables, plants and herbs.



Tasting, smelling and testing. At Tribeca, nature determines what’s on the menu. In the morning they harvest, in the evening it’s on your plate. It doesn’t get more farm to table than this. At Tribeca, it’s about flavor. With a focus on pure, clean tastes. Back to the classic cooking, but solidly modern. Chef Jan Sobecki previously cooked with Ledoyen in Paris, Craft in New York and two-star restaurant Chapeau in Bloemendaal. Just a few months after the opening in 2016, Tribeca received two Michelin stars and in 2017 19 points in the Gault Millau Guide.

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