At a time when things tend to lose value, actually we wish to add value. As a 119-year-old family business we have set ourselves the goal to make beautiful and sustainable products with a social relevance. Because a good product is not only nice to see, but is also made well. That's why we only use FSC® & PEFC certified wood and that makes Arco from now on not only FSC® and PEFC certified, but also a company with a STIP quality mark.


What is STIP?

STIP is a company quality mark that is objectively tested by independent experts. Over and over again. None of the other quality marks guarantees what STIP does: a STIP-company buys exclusively responsible produced wood (and sells that as well). This wood meets category A of the Dutch Procurement Criteria for Timber.


What is FSC®?

FSC® is the first international quality mark with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management, supported by governments, companies and environmental organizations. 100% FSC® wood comes completely from responsible forests. In addition to the requirements for forest management, FSC® also uses social requirements such as sufficient pay and responsible working conditions for forest workers.



What is PEFC?

PEFC is an international quality mark for wood (products) and paper. PEFC stands for Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification. It is supported by governments, companies and regional organizations. Wood with the PEFC label comes from sustainably and socially managed forests. Forests with a high nature value should not be exploited, as should vulnerable forest areas. Logging along watercourses on steep slopes is not allowed, because erosion can occur here. Logging should also not lead to the disappearance of a forest, the loss of biodiversity or the deterioration of the natural recovery capacity. In other words, it is no longer allowed to cut down, then grow again.