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About Arco Sustainability

Arco and sustainability

Arco has been based in Winterswijk since 1904. For 4 generations craftsmanship and a love of wood have been at the heart of what we do. Artisan skills and modern technology thereby go hand in hand. Every item of furniture that leaves our factory has been designed, developed and manufactured with great dedication.

For the love of wood

At Arco, we strive to become more sustainable every day. We’re not saying that because it’s trendy. Sustainability is in our DNA. It has been for years. We work with a long-term perspective, making furniture for you, your children, and grandchildren. And we like to build life-long relationships with our customers and suppliers. 

Wood certifications

We only use FSC® & PEFC certified wood and that makes Arco from now on not only FSC® and PEFC certified, but also a company with a STIP quality mark.

Product ECO passports

More and more persons are rightly asking for the origin of products and the composition of the materials of a product. As we wish to be as transparent as possible on these matters, each of our products is provided with a product eco passport. 


Arco believes in circularity and circular principles. Alongside wanting to make beautiful products, it is at least as important to us that they are durable. Quality is thereby key. Our tables are designed to last for generations. To make memories for life.

Local Wood

Our family business is loyal to the environment, which means that you shouldn't obtain materials from afar if these are available locally. That's why we only work with wood from the Netherlands and western Germany for our LOCAL WOOD collection.

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