Refurbished furniture

Arco believes in circularity and circular principles. Alongside wanting to make beautiful products, it is at least as important to us that they are durable. Quality is thereby key. Our tables are designed to last for generations. To make memories for life.


Hence our designs allow for a product to be ‘refurbished’. That creates a new lifecycle for the product. We restore and/or upgrade existing products. We prefer to reuse all the components, but if it’s really necessary we will obviously replace certain components. By refurbishing a product we do not waste resources unnecessarily. The functionality of the product remains the same, but after a makeover in our factory the product looks like new again. The product gets a second life. Ready for even more beautiful moments. We love refurbishing.


How it works

Is your table ready for a makeover? Book an appointment with one of our dealers and they will arrange for the table to come to our factory. We will arrange the rest. It’s that simple. If you’d like to find out about all the possibilities, feel free to contact us.

Refurbished We last generations
We live to last
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