Product CM05


Arco offers several cable management and electrification solutions for your table. Not all solutions are optional in every table. Click here for an overview of the possibilities per table.  

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30 x 15 cm


Every person has different desires and needs and every situation needs a different approach. It is accordingly no more than logical that we adapt our tables in line with what you wish: to the appropriate length, width, height and with the desired finish.


oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
27 oak white 27 oak white
30 oak natural 30 oak natural
29 oak pure 29 oak pure
35 oak smoke 35 oak smoke
32 oak morado 32 oak morado
33 oak black 33 oak black
22 oak carbon 22 oak carbon
oak: colors (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
23 oak grey 23 oak grey
oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid)
34 oak white oil 34 oak white oil
36 oak natural whitened oil 36 oak natural whitened oil
39 oak dark smoke 39 oak dark smoke
walnut (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
50 american walnut 50 american walnut


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