20 years Slim True classics never get old.
Innovative design

20 years Slim

Back in 2004, celebrating a century of innovation, Arco commissioned 12 leading designers to craft a creation to herald the next hundred years. The outcome is the iconic Arco Slim table by Bertjan Pot. This wooden marvel boasts an ultra-thin profile, yet achieves remarkable stability with its innovative sandwich construction. Two decades after Studio Bertjan Pot's ingenious design, the Arco Slim table remains a sought-after piece in both residential and commercial markets. Its minimalist aesthetic allows for versatile use, making a significant visual statement without overwhelming the space. The simplicity of the Slim collection's design has cemented its status as a versatile staple for any interior.

"Some may consider the Slim table as 'impossible', but nothing could be further from the truth, the design is extremely innovative and pure where the impossible is made possible. All materials have been used in the fairest way possible: metal for a strong construction and wood for tactility and an attractive exterior. Without innovation, minimalism is a dead end." - Bertjan Pot

120 years Arco, 20 years Slim.

The iconic Slim table by designer Bertjan Pot celebrates an anniversary just like Arco itself: our Slim table is turning 20 years old, which calls for a celebration. 
During the promotion period from April 15 to October 31, 2024, we offer three sizes and two versions in veneer at a special anniversary price: a 20% discount on the regular sales price (incl. VAT). For all other sizes and versions of the Slim and Slim+ tables, we offer a 10% discount on the sales price. 

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Special anniversary price
1100 oak natural veneer & 1300 oak black veneer (P or N-lacquer)  

210 x 90 x 75 cm from €4080,- now €3195,- 
240 x 90 x 75 cm from €4392,- now €3450,-  
280 x 90 x 75 cm from € 4661,- now €3695,-  
Recommended EU retailprices including VAT 

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True classics never get old.

The Slim collection has existed for 20 years and, in these years, has grown into a rich design collection where the Slim table construction forms the basis. The collection consists of the original Slim table and bench. Over time, this collection has been expanded with the Slim+, making it possible to opt for a wider range of heights and lengths. The Slim family now inlcludes the regular Slim, the Slim (optional) longer Slim+ table and bench, Slim+ high, Slim+ round, Slim+ Connected and Slim Flex.

New Material: Forbo Linoleum

Arco’s love affair with natural materials stretches back to the company’s birth. Now, we add Forbo Furniture Linoleum to the mix. This biobased material from Forbo provides new possibilities as part of Arco’s interest in innovation and sustainability. All in keeping with Arco’s commitment to the environment for this generation and the next.

Forbo Furniture Linoleum offers a unique combination of a semi-matt finish with a warm, fine texture. It is a distinctive covering, and just like wood, furniture linoleum is a bio-based, natural material. Furniture Linoleum leaves no fingerprints, is antistatic, and is pleasant to write on. Over time, Furniture Linoleum ages in a pleasing way, like leather.

Furniture Linoleum is first available as an option within the Slim family and the Essential Rectangular. You can order it in every color within the Forbo Furniture Linoleum collection–from bold orange to warm grey to soothing green.

Flexible tables, for flexible lives.

Slim Flex functions as a multipurpose side table. It can be used while working, during a dinner party, or whenever you need more space.

While the Slim Flex can be utilized as an extension of the original Slim, it should also be considered a flexible, freestanding piece. Available in various sizes, this convenient wheeled table reflects the needs of contemporary life, where work and home spaces are often blended, and an extra spot is required at unexpected moments.

The Slim Flex builds on designer Bertjan Pot’s goal for the Slim family: “Without innovation, minimalism quickly becomes a dead end.”

Working in the living space, living in the workspace.

A table is a place. The place where we spend almost the entire day - alone, as a couple or with a large group. A dynamic place that we use in ever-changing ways: to talk, eat, read, work or relax. A place that can be formal, or shapes itself organically. All these moments and places are increasingly merging into one another. With all the digital developments that are taking place, people are increasingly working from home. At the same time, the traditional office is becoming more and more domestic. It needs to be a place where people can achieve optimum productivity and offer room for relaxation. We make tables - and complementary products - for all these moments and places. And we’ve been doing it since 1904.

With the extensive Slim family, the collection can be used in both the living and working environment. It can serve as a thin dining table for an intimate family setting or an ultra-long meeting table. Find below a beautiful selection of Slim variants applied in projects worldwide. Each version and composition fits its environment. 

The new craftsmanship 

The basis of the Slim table is new craftsmanship. Our mission is to develop existing crafts into 21st-century craftsmanship, centralizing the integration of nature, craftsmanship, and technology. We wish to make beautiful and sustainable products with social relevance. We continuously strive to find methods for improvement. Innovation is a continuous process in this.

The seemingly 'impossible looking' Slim table involves the use of an innovative, strong steel sandwich construction with a lightweight honeycomb-structure core with a veneer wood frame. This construction allows the traditional Slim to reach an overall length of 280 cm, with the table top and legs having a thickness of 2.8 cm. The Slim+ collection goes a step further with a total uninterrupted length of 360 cm, with a table and leg thickness of 3.8 cm.  This makes the Slim table timeless minimalism. 

The Slim collection is framed with a thin layer of wood veneer, glued to the strong sandwich construction of steel and honeycomb. The veneer is made of PEFC and/or FSC® certified wood and provides a high-quality appearance and tactility. The veneer makes optimal use of the tree trunk and ensures a beautiful, even wood structure on the table.

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