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The Creators & Makers | Dew

In this The Creators & Makers video with Sabine Marcelis, she explains what inspired her to design a wooden table.

Videography by Blickfanger

Dew dining table

We first collaborated with celebrated designer Sabine Marcelis on the Dew dining table. While designing the Dew table, she translated her unique form language into a wooden object, resulting in a sculptural object composed of simple organic shapes. Sabine embraced this new material, working with the wood’s grain to create an experience that’s both visual and tactile. Sabine says: “The curved edges invite interaction. People want to feel the wood’s softness and warmth.”

Thanks to its striking form, this table never looks out of place. Whatever the setting, the Dew draws your eye. This dining table is as practical as it is aesthetic, made with Arco’s handcrafted methods.

Dew coffee table

The Dew coffee table is a follow-up to the Dew dining table. Like the dining table, the Dew coffee table is made to adapt to a variety of spaces–thanks to its organic, sculptural form. And it’s available in multiple sizes and heights, meaning you can nest several tables to create a “landscape” of objects.     

Constructed from a solid top and semi-solid wooden frame, the Dew coffee table can withstand the bumps of daily life and is durable enough to meet Arco’s promise of furniture for this generation, and the next.