Product Pivot
Designer Raw Edges
Year 2008


Pivot is a solid wood cabinet which is built on tall legs and features two drawers. The innovative aspect of this cabinet is the fact that the drawers can hinge, making it possible to open both drawers at the same time, which is impossible with a conventional set of drawers. This surprising cabinet is ideally suited to storing small items and everyday necessities in order to make sure these are always in the same place. Very useful during morning rush hour at home!

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Every person has different desires and needs and every situation needs a different approach. It is accordingly no more than logical that we adapt our tables in line with what you wish: to the appropriate length, width, height and with the desired finish.

Eco Passport

All our products are provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.


Photo's Hi Res
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arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-15.JPG 360 x 480 0,01 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-14.JPG 360 x 480 0,01 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-13.JPG 414 x 480 0,02 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-12.JPG 1047 x 1500 0,85 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-9.jpg 4080 x 5440 7,28 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-8.jpg 2362 x 2176 1,62 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-7.jpg 3207 x 5429 4,14 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-6.JPG 4080 x 5440 5,49 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-5.JPG 3207 x 5429 5,45 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-4.jpg 3207 x 5429 5,67 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-3.JPG 4080 x 5440 8,81 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-2.JPG 4080 x 5440 8,81 MB
arco-pivot-raw_edges-hires-1.jpg 4480 x 6720 10,30 MB
Eco passport
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Arco_product_paspoort_Pivot.pdf 0 x 0 0,10 MB
Assembly instructions
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Arco-pivot-montagehandleiding.pdf 0 x 0 0,49 MB
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Arco-factsheets-Pivot-okt_2022.pdf 0 x 0 0,03 MB

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