Date added: 21 Dec 2015 We celebrate 110 years!

110 years ago, Wouter van Ast started a frame-making company. The small company quickly grew into a successful frame-maker and glass trader. In 1927 the Arco company moved to its current site.

At the beginning of World War II Arend Cornelis took over the company and that was when the name Arco – derived from Arend Cornelis – came into existence. Shortly after the war Arco started producing small pieces of furniture and in 1967 the third generation, Willem van Ast, joined the company. Arco developed into a modern furniture factory, with designs by Charles Marks and Arnold Merckx. The Balance Table was designed by Arnold Merckx in 1988 and, along with the Essenza by Willem van Ast, has become a timeless classic.


When Arco celebrated their 100th anniversary, Willem van Ast invited 12 designers (Bertjan Pot, Joris Laarman, Ineke Hans and Jurgen Bey, amongst others) to think about the future of Arco in their own way: the Arco 12 project. This led Arco to reimagine their future, and also led to some lasting collaborations, such as with Bertjan Pot. He designed the Slim table, which seems impossibly thin, but hidden under the thin wooden surface is a steel sandwich construction that makes the table both strong and stable. This innovative table will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Since its introduction, the Slim has become one of the most successful designs from our collection

The fourth generation of Van Ast has now taken over. Supported by over 50 dedicated professionals, Jorre van Ast – trained as a designer – is continuing to build on the foundations that have been laid, whilst at the same time looking to the future. Based on his experience, he not only leads our own design and development department, but also a team of international designers and creatives. A company must continually prove itself, and therefore we focus on doing what we do best: designing, developing and producing tables and related products. We believe in local production and long-term thinking. With this in mind, Jorre designed the Local Wood collection; furniture made out of wood from the vicinity of the factory. In order to create this collection we are working together with the Gelderland Landscape & Castles Foundation and a local sawmill and drying plant.

Our ambition is, by staying true to our values and expertise, to become the leading table manufacturer in Europe:

We are Arco
We make tables
We last generations 


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