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At the table

Living at the table

The technical definition of a table is a 'flat, slab-like top supported on one or more legs or other supports'. But a table is so much more than that. It is a place. The place where we spend most of the day - some quiet time, intimate time with our significant other or socialising with a group. It is a dynamic place that is used in many different ways. To eat, talk, read, work or relax. A place that can be very formal or where you can just be yourself. A practical, straight table where people sit opposite each other for a meeting or official business or just a simple round table for socialising and where everyone can get a little closer to each other.

Our homes and habits are changing. Where we used to have a seperate kitchen, dining room and living room, our homes are now becoming completely open with the 'communal table' as a central location. Tables are therefore no longer just about more extensive dining, it's rather all about the activities that take place around the table. It has become the heart of the home - where you eat together, read the newspaper, do your homework, work from home or play a game.