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Restaurant Tribeca

In 2016 Jan and Claudia Sobecki opened restaurant Tribeca in a small town called Heeze, in the Dutch province of Brabant. Their dream has become reality, but they are looking forward to the future. Keep pushing the boundaries, daring and doing more each day. That’s what drives them... Read more

Arco blog

What we see and what we know

Tables do not generally receive so much attention. In fact, it is striking how a survey of books on furniture and the history of design reveals that chairs are usually the eye-catching and unique items. We also see this cultural bias reflected in museum design collections more

Ontmoet onze mensen


Meet the Arco people

Arco is not of today or yesterday, but was founded over one hundred years ago in Winterswijk by the great-grandfather of Jorre van Ast, who is the current director. It all began as a simple frame-making firm and has now grown into one of the best equipped wood processing factories in the Netherlands. Read more


Wood love

Read more about the love for wood from Daphna Laurens, Caroline Wilcke, Scheublin & Lindeman and Victoria Ledig...


Bertjan Pot


Bertjan Pot

The Dutch designer Bertjan Pot first came into contact with Arco in 2005 within the context of the Arco12 project. On the occasion of its centenary, Arco invited twelve young Dutch designers to respond to the collection and the company through the medium of design. The result of all this was an enervating exhibition at Arnhem’s... Read more

Smoking oak produces no smoke. When smoking oak wood, tannic acid in the wood reacts with ammonia vapour... Read more


Arco Skills

Local Wood

Beautiful things don’t have to come from a long way away. The wood used to create our Local Wood collection is sourced from the area around our factory in Winterswijk. Apart from its beauty, we think it makes sense to use wood from our own region. After all, the knowledge and expertise of the people who make our furniture also comes from nearby. What’s more, the wood doesn’t have to travel long distances, which is better for the environment. Read more


Wim van Ast

TIMELESS AND SIMPLE, BUT TECHNOLOGICALLY RICH – His design for the Essenza table has been a classic for nineteen years. Willem van Ast - third generation in family business Arco - speaks about the secret of a good product. “It was a response to the rustic oak table.”’ ‘Het was hét antwoord op de landelijke eiken tafel...' read more

Jonathan Prestwich


Jonathan Prestwich

Englishman Jonathan Prestwich is not some unknown newcomer to the corridors of Arco. For years, well before setting up his own design studio in 2004, Prestwich had been working together with Burkhard Vogtherr, one of the renowned household names in Winterswijk. He was Vogtherr’s right-hand man and had already worked with him in that capacity on the development of a variety of Arco products. Read more



Marije Vogelzang

Wild sausages from Duck, Pheasant and Rabit
(you can make them yourself or buy them at the local poulterer)
Grill-smoke it above the apple wood
Then remove the sausages from the barbeque
Threw in the Whiskey
And enjoy!
Read more


Living at the table

Our homes and habits are changing. Where we used to have a seperate kitchen, dining room and living room, our homes are now becoming completely open with the 'communal table' as a...Read more



Working at the table

Our working environment is changing. In the modern office we no longer simply sit at individual desks, the table has rather become a dynamic workplace where we hold informal...Read more

Arco news

Nico Bouwhuis - 50 years at Arco

Working for the same boss for half a century! This is an absolute milestone. Yet, this is not entirely accurate. After all, Nico has outlasted the boss. Nico Bouwhuis has seen several managing directors come and go in the fifty years that he has been working at Arco. They were all members of the Van Ast family... Read more

Stine Jensen

At the table with

Stine Jensen

The word ‘tabling’ is a Dutch verb. Tafelen, is connected to the table, like the English have one for chair which the Dutch don’t have: chairing. You can’t table on your own, in Dutch. I table, ik tafel, is not possible as an expression. Tabling basically includes all the activities we do while hanging around at a table: drinking, talking, eating, and laughing. Read more


Meet Huib Sneep

As an urban tree expert, Huis Sneep planted many thousands of trees every year. Today, apart from a tree expert and horticultural consultant, he is also a sustainable developer and an vertical gardening entrepreneur...Read more


 meet the designer

Gudmundur Ludvik

Within a year of having met for the first time, Icelandic designer Gudmundur Ludvik (1970) and Arco presented the first result of their collaboration...Read more


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