Product Extend
Designer Arco Design Studio
Year 2023
Product Extend
Designer Arco Design Studio
Year 2023


With its timeless, compact, and minimalist design, the new Extend slots into any room, whatever your aesthetic or spatial requirements–even urban homes or studio apartments. Its simple form means you can match Extend with various chairs, including the boldest of designs. Meanwhile, this commitment to understatement continues in the ‘invisible’ seam, as well as a wood grain that runs the full length of the table. In other words, it doesn’t appear to be an extendable table until you extend it.   

But its subtle looks hide an immodest capacity. Extend can be extended by a full metre. So, when your small room welcomes a big crowd, Extend is ready to accommodate.  

In keeping with all of Arco’s range, Extend is skilfully constructed and built for longevity. Its design is based on the Duramas principle. This means it is composed of a thin layer of premium-quality solid wood bonded to the top and underside of a supporting core, such as poplar, to create a highly stable sandwich construction. This provides an economical use of high-quality wood. The result is more stability and - because we use hardwood sparingly - an even longer product life.

As with every Arco piece, Extend uses certified wood (FSC/PEFC/STIP) and water-based lacquers.

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€ 4321,-


Eco Passport

All our products are provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.


oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1101 oak white 1101 oak white
1100 oak natural 1100 oak natural
1000 oak pure 1000 oak pure
1201 oak smoke 1201 oak smoke
1202 oak morado 1202 oak morado
1300 oak black 1300 oak black
1301 oak carbon 1301 oak carbon
oak: colors (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1200 oak grey 1200 oak grey
1400 oak terra 1400 oak terra
1401 oak burgundy 1401 oak burgundy
1500 oak moss 1500 oak moss
1600 oak ocean 1600 oak ocean
1700 oak dijon 1700 oak dijon
oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid)
1101 oak white (oil) 1101 oak white (oil)
1100 oak natural (oil) 1100 oak natural (oil)
1000 oak smoked pure 1000 oak smoked pure
walnut (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1000 walnut pure 1000 walnut pure


Eco passport
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Arco_product_paspoort_Extend_210-310x95x75_V2.pdf 0 x 0 0,16 MB
3D Data
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-210x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 0,53 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-210x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 3,63 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-210x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,18 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-180x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 0,52 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-180x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 3,65 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-180x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,17 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-240(340)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 1,67 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-240(340)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 8,20 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-240(340)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,55 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-210(310)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 1,72 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-210(310)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 8,96 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-210(310)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,57 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-180(240)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 1,93 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-180(240)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 9,99 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_2-180(240)x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,64 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-280x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 0,41 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-280x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 3,26 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-280x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,15 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-240x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.STL 0 x 0 0,53 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-240x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.IGS 0 x 0 2,91 MB
Arco-Extend_Rectangular_1-240x95x75-Arco_Design_Studio-3Dfile.3ds 0 x 0 0,17 MB
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Arco-factsheet-Extend-april_2024.pdf 0 x 0 0,05 MB
Assembly instructions
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
Extend Rectangular Montage handleiding.pdf 0 x 0 0,22 MB
Maintenance instructions
Thumbnail Name Dimension File size
230228_Maintenance_Onderhoud_Pflege_drietalig.pdf 0 x 0 0,14 MB

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