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Table manners , table matters

As a table expert we focus on table manners and table matters. We develop tables for every moment - from material to design. But we’re also interested in what happens at our tables: eating, playing, working, life... Our view is reflected in our presentation at IMM 2014: various tables with comfortable chairs to come together at and linger after dinner. Especially a round table is a social model where you are in touch with everyone, ideal for family gatherings and intimate dinners. To explore table manners we hosted a Table Manners dinner at IMM. This annual event was a great success: designers, press and friends of Arco enjoyed the dinner and an inspiring evening with hostess philosopher and TV presenter Stine Jensen. Check facebook for an overview of the evening.




New products

At IMM we introduced Joy: our new table series with a young, clean design - applied to different table types. Dining and home office tables Joy Gamma and Joy Delta, and secretary Joy Zeta are made of solid wood, with a beautiful detail in the connection between the top and the legs. We showed the table series with a matching chair: the Flux. The Joy family tables, designed and developed by the Arco Design Studio, are available in different colours and sizes. We manufacture our products in our own workshop in Winterswijk, where craft and innovation go hand in hand. We use our knowledge and experience to develop new materials, applications and techniques. In collaboration with Senso, a resin flooring company, we developed a Natural Solid Surface material: a biopolymer based on plant oil - environmentally friendly, tactile and user friendly – that we applied to different table tops. Furthermore we present the Local Wood collection: robust products from wood produced by local parties. In addition to the Base table Jorre van Ast designed the Base Round and the Base Bench for this collection. A new finishing of wood, epoxy coating, led to the Tablets: a series of multi-functional and sturdy side tables from the Danish designer Jonas Trampedach. Besides all the new developments in our collection, we have our classics: beautiful designs that last for years. Timeless. For example the Balance table by Arnold Merckx: we celebrate its 25th anniversary with four contemporary editions of this icon: NATURAL, ROSA, GREY and DEEP GREEN.



Arco as a company

Tables take a central place in our lives: we eat, talk, play and work at a table. Arco designs, develops and manufactures tables for all those moments, and matching products like chairs, sofas and cabinets. Since 108 years we have our company in Winterswijk, where craftsmanship and innovation are key. We are experts and totally committed to our product. Yet, while we take what we do very seriously, we also feel that it is important to apply common sense and to put things in perspective. Therefore informality and room for surprise are part of our company philosophy. Our products are made to be used, and serve the user.


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