Date added: 18 Dec 2019 ARCO @ IMM 2020

At IMM 2020, Arco presents new work:


- Cast by Jorre Van Ast.


The third table in the Local Wood Collection. A 100% PEFC certified solid oak tabletop on a recycled cast iron base.


- Parka by Jonathan Prestwich.


A light chair made with people and planet in mind: by doing away with foam upholstery, it greatly reduces waste. 


-The Essential Wood by Gudmundur Ludwik.


The Essential Wood comprises a solid wood tabletop (oak or walnut) on a plywood trestle (beech with oak veneer or walnut veneer). The frame can be swapped as needed.


 -The Essential Steel by Arco Design Studio.


The Essential Steel also features a solid wood tabletop (oak or walnut), but this time its trestle is made from steel with a fine epoxy textured finish.


-Bow by Uli Budde & Ivan Kasner.


Bow is a robust, ergonomically designed stool made for easy stacking. It mixes moulded wood with solid steam-bent wood, and is intended for use in both home and office. 

Arco specialises in handcrafted tables and the objects that complement them. We aim to make beautiful products that combine craft with respect for nature.


We look forward to seeing you at our showroom:


Design Post Köln (opposite the fair’s eastward entrance)

Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse 22a

D-50679 Cologne



Monday 13th January to Thursday 19th January inclusive. 09.00-20.00 

Friday 20th January to Saturday 21st January inclusive. 09.00-1800.

Sunday 22nd January. 10.00-16.00. DESIGN POST.



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