Refurbish program

Long-term thinking is also reflected in our designs. The timeless Essenza table has been a true Arco classic for 18 years, but is still up-to-date. And its development has certainly not stood still. For instance, the collection has recently been extended with the Essenza bench and Essenza XL, and the table is available in new finishes. Because Essenza remains a good product, even after 15 years in use, we are introducing the first step of the Essenza refurbish programme. An Essenza table can receive a refurbishment in our factory, which makes it look new again. This way we extend the life of the product and consume fewer raw materials. In other words, we give the Essenza table a second life. We prefer to reuse all parts, but if it is really necessary, we will of course replace certain components. Curious about the possibilities? Check with a dealer in your area.



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