Product Slim Flex
Designer Bertjan Pot
Year 2022
Product Slim Flex
Designer Bertjan Pot
Year 2022


This new addition to the Slim range functions as a multipurpose side table, to be used while working, during a dinner party, or whenever you need more space.

While the Slim Flex can be utilized as an extension to the original Slim, it should also be considered a flexible, freestanding piece. Available in various sizes, this convenient wheeled-table reflects the needs of contemporary life, where work and home spaces are often blended, and an extra spot is required at unexpected moments.

The Slim Flex builds on designer Bertjan Pot’s goal for the Slim family: “Without innovation, minimalism quickly becomes a dead end.”

In keeping with all Arco products, the Slim Flex embraces circularity, and can be refurbished to ensure that it remains functional far into the future (good for you, your family, and the planet).

As with every Arco product, the Slim Flex uses certified wood (FSC/PEFC/STIP) and water based lacquers.

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€ 1486,-

70 x 90 x 75 cm

Eco Passport

All our products are provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.


oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1101 oak white 1101 oak white
1100 oak natural 1100 oak natural
1000 oak pure 1000 oak pure
1201 oak smoke 1201 oak smoke
1202 oak morado 1202 oak morado
1300 oak black 1300 oak black
1301 oak carbon 1301 oak carbon
oak: colors (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1200 oak grey 1200 oak grey
1400 oak terra 1400 oak terra
1401 oak burgundy 1401 oak burgundy
1500 oak moss 1500 oak moss
1600 oak ocean 1600 oak ocean
1700 oak dijon 1700 oak dijon
oak: neutrals (solid, semi-solid)
1101 oak white (oil) 1101 oak white (oil)
1100 oak natural (oil) 1100 oak natural (oil)
1000 oak smoked pure 1000 oak smoked pure
walnut (solid, semi-solid, veneer)
1000 walnut pure 1000 walnut pure
color lacquer: neutrals
5100 white (GN.02.88 / RAL9010) 5100 white (GN.02.88 / RAL9010)
5200 grey (FN.02.77) 5200 grey (FN.02.77)
5101 beige (F2.05.65) 5101 beige (F2.05.65)
5202 mud (F2.10.50) 5202 mud (F2.10.50)
5203 silt (F2.10.40) 5203 silt (F2.10.40)
5201 quartz grey (F7.05.37 / RAL7039) 5201 quartz grey (F7.05.37 / RAL7039)
5301 black (UN.00.07 / RAL9005) 5301 black (UN.00.07 / RAL9005)
color lacquer: yellow, green, red, blue color groups
G0.55.80 lime G0.55.80 lime
5701 ochre (E8.50.50) 5701 ochre (E8.50.50)
5702 mustard (E4.30.40) 5702 mustard (E4.30.40)
5703 deep brown (C2.04.06 / RAL8022) 5703 deep brown (C2.04.06 / RAL8022)
5500 mute green (H8.07.47) 5500 mute green (H8.07.47)
5501 emerald green (L0.20.40) 5501 emerald green (L0.20.40)
5502 moss green (G0.20.30) 5502 moss green (G0.20.30)
5503 deep green (J5.16.15 / RAL6007) 5503 deep green (J5.16.15 / RAL6007)
5400 clay (C8.20.40) 5400 clay (C8.20.40)
5401 red (C4.60.30) 5401 red (C4.60.30)
5402 burnt red (C4.35.15) 5402 burnt red (C4.35.15)
5403 wine red (B1.16.12 / RAL3007) 5403 wine red (B1.16.12 / RAL3007)
5600 slate blue (P0.03.55) 5600 slate blue (P0.03.55)
5601 petrol blue (R0.30.30) 5601 petrol blue (R0.30.30)
5602 prussian blue (T0.10.30) 5602 prussian blue (T0.10.30)
5603 deep blue (U1.11.08 / RAL5004) 5603 deep blue (U1.11.08 / RAL5004)
7100 HPL Fenix® White 7100 HPL Fenix® White
7200 HPL Fenix® Grey 7200 HPL Fenix® Grey
7300 HPL Fenix® Black 7300 HPL Fenix® Black


Eco passport
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Assembly instructions
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Maintenance instructions
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