Arco & sustainability

113 years of Arco


Arco was founded in Winterswijk in 1904. Craftsmanship and a passion for woodworking has been the company’s focus for four generations. Here superior workmanship and modern technology go hand in hand. Every piece of furniture that leaves our factory is designed and built with a great deal of dedication. Product quality is always top priority for us. Because a good table will last for generations.



Proud of our people

In a globalised world, Arco has opted for a transparent, smallscale way of working. The Winterswijk factory employs 60 people who love our products. Because a good product is not only nice to see, but is also made well. We nurture everyone’s talent and are proud that Arco employees stay with us on average 15 years.


Quality is sustainability

At a time when things tend to lose value, actually we wish to add value. As a 114-year-old family business we have set ourselves the goal to make beautiful and sustainable products with a social relevance. We do this by combining the knowledge and skills of our craftsmen with new technologies. It is Arco's mission to develop the existing handicraft into 21st century craftsmanship, where integration of nature, craftsmanship and technology are central. In this, innovation is a continuous process. Regularly new production technologies and materials are implemented, but we also examine how existing products can be improved, made more sustainable and evolved. We make, where possible, sustainable choices and we have the ambition to do so more every year. We have, for example, achieved a number of milestones in the field of sustainability. Our milestones have been recorded, together with the current state of affairs, in a sustainability report.



Arco's milestones


* By the end of 2019, 100% of the wood that we use for our products will be FSC or PEFC certified.

* From the end of 2019, we will use only water-based finish for all our products.

* In 2023, 40% of our collection will be circular (recycle, reduce, refurbish and repair).

* In 2025, we will get 50% of our energy needs from solar panels on our factory roof.


Product ECO passport


More and more persons are rightly asking for the origin of products and the composition of the materials of a product. As we wish to be as transparent as possible on these matters, each of our products is provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.  




Arco applies an 'egological' policy when it comes to the choice of raw materials where FSC and PEFC certified materials are used when and if available. Our local wood collection is, for example, made of 100% certified PEFC wood and therefore the whole local wood collection is PEFC certified. 


Refurbish program 


More and more Arco dealers are offering refurbishment services for Arco products. They will bring your table to our factory, where we will look after it. Your table will be brought back to you good as new.




Other sustainable applications 


Repair service

More and more Arco dealers are offering refurbishment services for Arco products. They will bring your table to our factory, where we will look after it. Your table will be brought back to you good as new.


Timeless signature

We consciously opt for a subdued style that is not all that susceptible to fads and trends, which is why our furniture lasts for generations.


On-demand production

We don’t make a furniture item until you’ve ordered it, thereby preventing accumulation of unsold pieces.


European wood

We primarily work with European wood that is sustainably felled. And we try to source the wood from the closest possible locations.


Sustainable partners

We like to work with partners who are focused on the future, such as fabric suppliers De Ploeg and Kvadrat. For the Local Wood collection we work together with local partners. They provide us with the wood of crookedgrowing trees, for example.


arco flatpack

Arco flatpack: where possible, the flat-pack principle is employed, i.e. keeping packaging as flat as possible so that transport is not unnecessarily burdened by (excessive) volume.

arco lightweight

Arco lightweight: use as much lightweight materials in the product as possible so that weight is not unnecessarily high. This allows the most effective use of energy sources both in terms of transport and processing by people.

arco recycle 

Arco recycle: products are developed so that they can be easily separated into different materials at the end of their lifecycle and the capacity for recycling is increased.

arco duramas

Arco duramas: a method for limiting the use of scarce solid wood by manufacturing table tops using a core of less rare wood to which an outer layer of solid wood is glued to the top and bottom.

Arco Local Wood: the process of local wood is realised with local parties: from raw material to processing (drying and sawing) and production. Local wood has an important advantage: the wood doesn’t have to be transported over long distances. Besides, Local Wood is a valuable resource - we feel that it is a shame that very little of the wood produced in the Netherlands is used for high quality furniture.



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