About Arco we live to last

We are Arco, we make tables

As a family business that has been around for 115 years, we have spent more than a century doing what we’re good at: making tables. For 4 generations craftsmanship and a love of wood have been at the heart of what we do. Artisan skills and modern technology thereby go hand in hand. Our mission is to develop traditional craftsmanship into craftsmanship for the 21st century.


The new craftsmanship

What motivates us is making beautiful products that matter. In a time where goods are losing their value even more quickly, we actually want to add value. We make products with social relevance. Products that bring people together and limit the negative impact on our planet. We do this by combining the knowledge and expertise of our craftspeople with new technologies, new skills, new materials and young talent.

The best wooden designer tables

We make tables - the best wooden designer tables to be precise. All our products are manufactured in our own factory, preferably using local materials. Our designs are contemporary, but not subject to the vagaries of fashion. We consciously opt for an understated style. Quality is always key, which is why we use only high quality materials. In other words, our tables offer you endless possibilities: you have an Arco for life.


At the table

Tables are no longer just for dining, but for all the activities that take place on and around the table. The traditional dining table has been promoted to a ‘living’ table. The table has become the heart of the home. The place where you eat, but also read the newspaper, do your homework, work (from home), celebrate or play games. We design, develop and manufacture tables for all these moments.


We are on a journey

We make sustainable choices where we can, and are striving to do this more every year.


We are Arco, we make tables. 
For this generation. And the next.

And the next.

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