About Arco

About Arco
For Arco, doing what one does best means mainly one thing: making tables. Tables play a central role in our lives: we talk, meet, work, eat and celebrate at the table. For all these different moments in life, we design, develop and produce design tables in our very own way: whether it is about office furniture or a customized dining room table. Aside from tables, we also develop related products such as chairs, closets, small furniture and accessories. As a Winterswijk family business, we have a longstanding history, at the same time we are a contemporary business: passionate, inventive and dedicated:
We are arco
We make tables
the objects to complement them

Design, develop and manufacture
Using skilled workmanship and dedication
Invent to Create Solutions
We believe in
the essential and nothing more

We are
The contemporary

We love what we do.

Our history

geschiedenis van Arco
In 1904, while working as a member of the Royal Constabulary in Winterswijk, Wouter van Ast, Willem's grandfather, broke his leg during a horse riding accident and was dismissed from the constabulary. Unable to live on his remaining income, he decided to open a shop that sold books and records. A few years later he had to take on additional staff and ten years after opening
his shop he built his own frame factory. As a picture framer he also started buying and selling glass and in 1927 the company moved to new premises in Winterswijk, where the Arco furniture-manufacturing facility stands to this day. Read more

Our people

Our philosophy

Arco was founded in Winterswijk in 1904. Craftsmanship and a passion for wood- working has been the company’s focus for four generations. Here superior workmanship and modern technology go hand in hand. Every piece of furniture that leaves our factory is designed and built with a great deal of dedication. Product quality is always top priority for us. Because a good table will last for generations. Read more

Local Wood

Local Wood
Beautiful things don’t have to come from a long way away. The wood used to create our Local Wood collection is sourced from the area around our factory in Winterswijk. Apart from its beauty, we think it makes sense to use wood from our own region. After all, the knowledge and expertise of the people who make our furniture also comes from nearby. What’s more, the wood doesn’t have to travel long distances, which is better for the environment. Read more


Every person has different desires and needs and every situation needs a different approach. It is accordingly no more than logical that we adapt our tables in line with what you wish: to the appropriate length, width, height and with the desired finish. This way, we create tables suitable for every situation: for the interior of an office, a living room, a table suitable for a family with young children or a comfortable conference table. Our tables are traditional products of the highest quality made with great passion. In so doing we make sure that you can enjoy your own table for years on end. Read more
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