Product Deskbox
Designer Raw Edges
Year 2012


The Deskbox is a practical wall-mounted box that can be extended to create a small desk. The perfect solution if space is in short supply. The compact and elegant workspace - ideal for working on a laptop, for example - can be pushed back to form a closed box that is half the size of the desk. The Desk Box represents a new typology in Arco's focus on tables, which is an area of specialization that sets the company apart from others.

Eco Passport

All our products are provided with a product eco passport. This is a clear overview of the product, with the composition of the materials and their percentages by weight.


Photo's Hi Res
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arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-7.jpg 4000 x 5334 6,32 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-6.JPG 4872 x 6496 4,25 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-5.JPG 6496 x 4872 4,63 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-4.JPG 4872 x 6496 4,40 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-3.JPG 3902 x 4872 3,08 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-2.JPG 2626 x 3500 1,56 MB
arco-deskbox-raw_edges-hires-1.JPG 2626 x 3500 1,47 MB
Photo's Low Res
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Arco_Deskbox-factsheets-2020.pdf 0 x 0 0,05 MB
Eco passport
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Arco_product_paspoort_Deskbox.pdf 0 x 0 0,12 MB
Maintenance instructions
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Arco-onderhoud-maintenance-pflege1.pdf 0 x 0 0,10 MB